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Update on Ms. Sassafras!

Sassafras is a current nickname for our darling girl- she has definitely grown into her personality. She talks back just as well as any two year old and lets her opinion known LOUDLY. We had her 4-month check up today and her are her stats (Michael likes to say that like a sports announcer talking about LeBron...)

Height: 25 1/4 inches, the 50% for an average 4 month old
Weight: 13 lbs 9 oz, that's the 25-30% for an average 4 month old

Considering that she is not an average 4 month old, the doctors are very pleased with her growth. It's looking like she's just going to be a lean baby, as long as she doesn't plateau or lose weight they're happy. They've taken her off Neosure and on to a sensitive formula (poor girl gets awful constipation and tummyaches!)  The doctor did confirm our fears: she is beginning to teeth! As if the drool and random outbursts of crying weren't clues enough...She also had to suffer through another round of shots but this time she had her daddy to comfort her afterwards.

She is SUCH a daddy's girl and I love it! When he walks in a room or  speaks up in a conversation her eyes whip over to him and gives him such a goofy drool-filled grin! My favorite thing to do in the morning is to listen to Jake sing to her as he feeds her (Yes, he is still the one to get up in the morning, my mom-mode doesn't turn on til 9am.) and then he brings her into bed with us and we just cuddle and talk till breakfast. I know us being unemployed is generally a bad thing, and it's stressful but I am loving that we do get so much family time... Is that wrong of me? or am I just looking at the silver lining in our rain cloud?

Back to the doctor's appointment, the doctor has instructed us to have even more playtime with her. We mentioned that she doesn't seem interested in toys, she'll look at them some times; if something makes an interesting noise her eyes light up but she doesn't try to find where the noise is coming from. So we're going to try to use our voices which she WILL turn to to get her to turn from side to side and get her looking at different toys and objects. Hopefully we'll find a toy here soon she'll actually want bad enough to reach for!


miss jen says:
at: Jul 11, 2010, 12:04:00 PM said...

I love the update! Charlie seems to be doing well. As much as I love the update it's not as good as a phone call or picture using the cell phone we gave you! HINT HINT!