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Baby B update

We had our first of many echocardiograms and ultrasounds on friday. (Thank you again Grandma!) here's the info:

Baby B's heart has a very complicated heart defect, but thankfully is still pumping away at a healthy rate. Basically, her two lower pumping chambers are actually just one giant leaky chamber, plus a very small underdeveloped chamber. There are few other problems, but without hand gestures and diagrams, I haven't found a way to explain them. It's a scary and serious problem- but fixable through a series of surgeries.

Her legs however pose a much harder problem. She does indeed have the Mermaid Syndrome, Sirenomelia. The legs themselves aren't the problem, but this syndrome causes the lower organs (intestines, kidneys, bladder etc. etc.) to be underdeveloped or absent. At friday's ultrasound it was hard to see what Baby B's kidney situation is because of her position. They thought they saw a somewhat working kidney, but couldn't be positive. Doctor is holding out a bit of hope because there was some fluid around the baby (kidneys are what makes the amniotic fluid after 20some-odd weeks).

Now I get to meet the neonatal team at the University of Virginia to plan Baby B's possible surgeries and go over every possible situation that could arise. Right now Jake and I are planning to give this little baby every fighting chance that technology offers to help her fight through these complications. Her job right now is to just keep that heart beating long enough to make her debut with her sister.

I have definitely felt the prayers, thoughts and support from my family and friends and I want to thank you all for everything you do. Your kind words mean the world to us right now. I tried to bear my testimony at church today, mostly I cried, sniffled, scolded Jake rom the pulpit and blubbered. I'm hoping the spirit has a good Tracy to English dictionary for the congregration!


Jaime says:
at: Dec 20, 2009, 4:54:00 PM said...

your words were translated perfectly. let us know how we can help-

Nicki says:
at: Dec 20, 2009, 7:55:00 PM said...

I know it is hard for you to speak in front of people which made your testimony all that much more special. I love ya! You know I'll help in any way I can.