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Ten places to visit before I die

Jake and I talk about dream vacations a lot. It seems those without money always wonder what they'd do with it once they get it! Freakishly, we agree on a lot of trips, you can look on his blog to see his choices.

1. Tour of Europe: England, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and Russia. I'd love for it last a whole summer, but I'll gladly settle for a week or two!

2. Alaskan Cruise: Jake and I always joke about moving back there (he lived there when he was 4 through 6) but a cruise through the icy waters and seeing the whales would be so cool!

3. Good Ole American Tour: See all the things I never saw as a child, The Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone National Park, Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge, the Hollywood Sign and a billion others. Maybe we'll live in an RV, home school our kids and travel the country!

4. Antarctica: Okay, if I ever COULD, I'd probably say no cause I'm scared of freezing to death, but it would be so COOL. Nothing to see but snow and ice for miles, talk to some penguins. Maybe we'll add it to the world wide cruise.

5. Hawaii: The only state our poor pretend RV could never drive to. I'd love to see the volcanoes, learn to SCUBA dive or surf! I've always wanted to see the Pearl Harbor memorial sights and the museum.

6. New York City: It's a trip in and of itself. I could LIVE on Broadway if my means let me. I want to see a billion shows, Wicked, Lion King, Mary Poppins, Next to Normal, [Title of Show]! And then of course, the historical sights, tourist spots, film locations- central park! I could make a million vacations out of that city.

7. The White House: I've been to DC a lot of times, I've seen the white house a lot too. But I'd love a personal no-hold bars tour of the place. (pretty sure that only happens to the First Family, Vote Jake 2012!) That house has held so much history that directly affects me!

8. Australia& New Zealand: It's just so beautiful, how can you not want to go there? Also, it has the film locations for Xena, which was my favorite TV show for a good long while.

9. Brazil: Ever since my Uncle went there for his mission, I've been intrigued by the country. First of all, Cow intestine soup? I have to see them try to make me eat THAT. Ben's photos from there were jaw dropping gorgeous too.

10. Biblical Tour: Egypt, Israel, all those little mediterrian sea places. It'd be wonderful to see the places described in the bible and immerse oneself in that culture. Again a summer there would be amazing. I better get cracking on those million dollar ideas.


Grammie says:
at: Dec 29, 2008, 7:37:00 PM said...

Time to stop all the dreaming and get to work to make some of the dreams come true. You can get to some of those places. I bet Larry and Mary Anne would put you up in Maui. So all you would need is plane and food money for that trip. Dreams do come true but one needs to work for them. You two can do it, in time.
Love Ya