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My first Tag, How Exciting!

My Friend,Gaberelli, from good old NH tagged me to share 6 quirks about myself, narrowing down my personality to 6 major quirks was rather difficult, I never knew I had so many layers.

1. Phone Calls. I HATE them. I hate taking them, I hate making them. There is no logical reason really. Which is the point of a Quirk I guess! I hate talking to people when I can't see their faces (if they are someone I know) and I hate talking to new people on the phone. I don't discriminate either, I couldn't call JAKE on the phone for the longest time. It wasn't until we spent a summer apart that I could call him without being extremely nervous and not write out the conversation topics beforehand. Yes, I realize how pathetic that makes me sound. Many people have noticed that if they call my Cell, I will NOT pick up if their phone number isn't programmed in my phone, as I am terrified of speaking to telemarketers.

2. Checking my Email. First, I must say I don't get any important emails really. Once in a while I get one from school or my bank- but it's nothing that needs attention ASAP. However, I NEED to check my email at least every 15 minutes or I start wondering if there is an important email in there. (There never is.) People may see me playing with my phone, I'm not playing a game, I'm checking my (empty) inbox! I maybe get 10 emails a day that aren't spam-related, they are usually part of my blogs and facebook and I get them all by noon, yet I cannot stop myself from typing into my web browser! (I've done it twice while posting this!)

3. Needing to know the time. Wherever I am, whatever I'm doing, I need to be able to see a clock. Whether it be my cellphone, on the wall, michael's wristwatch or the computer, I need to. I usually have no where to go, so there is no reason for me knowing the time. I do believe it stems from my high school jobs. I worked as a cashier, and the clock was only big and bright on the register. I would countdown to my break, and then to when I was leaving. I've actually had a panic attack in a classroom with no clock when I forgot to bring my cellphone, I knew it had to be between 2 and 3, but it KILLED me not knowing EXACTLY what minute. And, for someone who needs to know the time, I'm often late. Ironic no?

4. I've stolen this one from Ms.Gabe (sorta) I have a very set morning routine, it pains me when I have to change it. I wake up at 7:30 to see Michael off to school or work (and by "wake" and "see" I mean I open one eye and kiss him goodbye) I then doze on and off until 8:45 when I get up get what ever breakfast items I need, and make a cozy little nest on my bed and watch Regis and Kelly at 9. (or a DVD of Stargate on the weekends) Then I get out of bed, get dressed and go about my day. Michael can always tell when I didn't watch R&K for whatever reason, as I'm grumpy, forgetful and just not right.

I also have a going to bed routine, I put on PJs, get a drink of water or juice, then make the bed. We each get 4 pillows- I get the four fluff ones, He gets the 4 not-so fluff ones. Then We divide up the blankets. We're both "cocooners" and need our own blankets for the sake of our marriage. I get the striped one and the knitted lap blanket, he gets the fuzzy one and the solid blue sheet. I then lay down, get comfortable as Michael puts on a DVD (the man cannot sleep without that TV on.) He then takes my glasses from me, kisses me goodnight and we fall asleep to the wonders of Stargate or Superman. If these things do not happen in this order, or for some reason one of us goes to bed before the other, I cannot go to sleep until much later than I'd like. I'm beginning to think these aren't quirks but more symptoms of OCD.... :)

5. Driving Home. Our Town is mostly laid out in a grid pattern. There are many ways to get to our building, all of which are the same distance and time. Jake l has no problem just randomly choosing a street to go home on. I however cannot stand it. There is really no one way I prefer, but I am desperately trying to get Jake to go the same way each time. He knows it drives me insane (haha pun.) when he just goes all willy-nilly. I need to know where we're going and how we're going to get there. He also does this on the way to Grandma's house, weaving in and out of streets, saying he is missing more stop signs this way, but I believe his main point is to annoy me!

6. Food Shopping. Now, I got this from my mother, so if it freaks you out to bad- blame her. :) Normally when we go grocery shopping we do have a very set list and budget. We're pretty good at sticking to it, only sometimes adding a "good deal" item into our carriage (Not Buggy. Carriage. CARRIAGE.) But I need to go up and down every aisle (except dog food, it's eerily similar to my mother's habits.) and get my items that way. I start in the produce and work my way from one end to the other. Even though it may be quicker to split up the list and go dash and grab, I like going down the aisles, checking out sales, looking at new products etc. etc. I can tell it drives Jake bonkers, as he impatiently stands behind me most of the time, sighing dramatically.