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List of Life

Here's what I have been up to since my last post!

1. Baby Shower for one very dear friend, Sarah! She was adorable, the food was good (that buffalo chicken cheese dip thing? YUM) and there was much oohing-ahhing going on.

2. Watching Nephew and Niece attempt to get their photos professionally taken. Nephew did way better than I thought he would, Niece wasn't into it at all. I now have a photo to take up to Yankee-Land and show off their cute-ness!

3. Getting Free Food cause Nephew declared we were eating at Fazolis after the photos. :)

4. Spending time with Chloe and the new enrichment committee at our first meeting! Also conning my way to get assigned the fun art projects.

5. Seeing Jake for about two hours everyday, if that. He's a busy boy! He is finishing up his first research paper, and it's just about killed him.

6. Hoping to convince Jake that I NEED to see High School Musical 3 because I am a 12 year old girl at heart and want to see Sharpay!

7. Planning our vacation to New England I get to the go to the Christmas Dove and BabysRus with Nonny and visit cousins who I have been away from long enough to actually start to miss!

8. Slowly getting more baby things, Jake's co-worker Deb has already sent me a few onesies and matching socks- mom had given me a patriots binky already :)

9. Chose Boy and Girl names for baby,  I would love suggestions on boy middle names.

10. Creating a list with 10 things on it, cause 10 is a good list number.

Edit: PS Chloe- do you have a blog yet miss? I'd love the address for it!


Dirt Queen says:
at: Oct 27, 2008, 7:29:00 AM said...

Busy Busy a couple of my fav boy middle names Myles William depends on the first name You have time the name will come to you

Nicki says:
at: Nov 1, 2008, 4:54:00 PM said...

I do have a blog it is

I don't update it very often because I don't have much exciting to write about (or time). I love your blog though! It always makes me giggle.

Here are some middle name ideas:

Charlotte... Nicole, Anne, Grace, or go with a good family name from way back.

What was your boy name? I know you told me and I liked it, but now I can't remember.

Mrs. MadGenius says:
at: Nov 1, 2008, 5:13:00 PM said...

Nicki- Charlotte Nicole is 100% our girl name, our boy name is Graydon something. I can't quite find a middle name I like with it.