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Post Withdrawls!

With my computer out of commission (Should be up and running next week if apple delivers the part on time!) I haven't had time to blog as much as I would like. Jake and I are at the mercy of the computer lab's summer hours. I have so much to say and talk about, I'm just gonna put it in a big mess of a post here!

We've been working pretty much 24/6 (and while we don't work sundays, we are busy!) for the past two weeks. Mostly we work the same shift (8-5) but lately, our manager has decided it would be fun to put us on opposite shifts and see me try to beg my way home. Luckily, most of the other employees live in our town, or I'd be sleeping in the Faz!

When we're not working or at church, we're sloooooowly packing up our tiny apartment (which, surprisingly holds a lot of junk) in preparation for our move soon. We're hoping we can get into the new place BEFORE our vacation, and it looks like we will, but the landlords may still take their sweet time.

Speaking of our Vacation- we're super excited for it! Not working, road trip and family time, It is shaping up to be a fun vacation. I get to show off Jake to my extended family (most of whom are meeting him for the first time!) and see one of my adorable cousins for the first time. The L side of the family is hoping to achieve one of the hardest achievements in history- a GOOD family portrait. There have been attempts before, but often end up with a child looking the wrong way, or an adult about to sneeze etc. etc. Now Gram has pulled out all the stops, a professional photographer, coordinated colors (after emails and emails of deciding!) and hopefully no colds ;) With 23 (?) people, it will be an amazing feat. I'll definitely post the results as soon as we get them!

I must profess my love of a certain TV show, in hopes to find fellow comrades. I am head-over-heels in love with Big Bang Theory on CBS. It's a very simple sitcom set up. 4 different types of geek (Science, Math, Engineering and Foreign) being best friends and living in NYC. Two of them live across from the pretty "dumb" girl and hilarity ensues whenever they speak. The quick wit, the interesting puns and smart jokes definitely put it higher than the average (*cough*2 and 1/2 men*cough*) sitcom. Yes, the storylines are predictable, and the characters are semi-stereotypical, but the constant one-liners keep me coming back. Tonight is the Season Finale, and I must admit, I have popcorn and white grape soda waiting to celebrate it.
in baby news, Jake, my mom and his mother really didn't like the name SeaMonkey for the lil fetus. Due to popular demand- it has been changed to Fishstick, or just Baby Fish. Jake was full of puns when giving me suggestions. He thinks I'll let him call the next one Popcorn Shrimp. =D I married 'im, I gotta live with it!