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I've been promising for a few months now to get scans of some of my artwork up on here, now- I'm not saying that I am the next Picasso or Monet, but I'd like to think it's not half bad. mostly I doodle until I think of a cool image, sketch it out a few times, color it with pencils, and then paint it. It's a messy messy process that drives Jake CRAZY.

This is one of Jake's birthday presents, It's the godsend DNA symbol from Heroes. Basically it's the gene that gives the superheroes their powers. It works well in jake's dorkified office. :)

This is sorta tribute to my high school days ;) Colleen and I had a thing for octopuses, she got me really into to drawing them and loving them to death. I'm actually working on a stuffed octopus :) it's too freakin' adorable.

I did this one at the Faz, you'd be surprised how often I doodle while waiting for Jake to get off work.

This was one of my first paintings I did when I thought I may want to do it as my career. It's on cardboard (so is the octopus) and it's waaay watered-down acrylic, but it came out really cool.

So that's some of my better work so far. I have stacks of non-blog worthy stuff at our apartment. I'm still getting funds together to start at, hopefully by the end of June I'll have stuff up on there
Now I'm off to craigslist to find cheap baby items :)


Grammie says:
at: May 12, 2008, 10:51:00 PM said...

Thanks for shareing your art work with us. Keep up the good work. Do not spend to much money now on baby stuff. I am sure you will have a baby shower. Also you would be surprised at how much free stuff you could find on "freecycle" give it a try. Love ya

Valeria says:
at: Nov 11, 2008, 3:25:00 PM said...

Great work.