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Hey Y'all :)
I have charged my camera and now can show photos of the apartment and some of my new art projects. :)

this is our EXTREMELY temperamental stove, it rarely heats the way the knob tells it is. And the big one is at a slant, so all the pots and pans slide off unless I hold on to it.

I do love our closet, because it's HUGE (well compared to the ones I've had before) and Jake barely has anything to put in there
My First sketchbook assignment in art class, contour lines, we had to draw hands blindly, without picking up the pencil, and then go back and draw them normally.
You can see more hand/foot sketches on my wall, I also have been practicing faces and eyes.
Sideways ME! I'm happy and healthy :)

And, people warned me that we'd be poorer than poor, but this is a whole NEW level of poor.


Ruth & Charlie says:
at: Feb 6, 2008, 9:52:00 PM said...

Love your nice to see your pictures..thanks. Your drawings sure look good...
love ya