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So my fun vacation has been over for two weeks now. I started taking my art class, I absolutely LOVE it. I got to scribble (yes scribble, like a 2 year old on a wall.) on paper and then had to find shapes and figures. Very zen and artsy farsty. I really hate my biology class, it's a huge lecture and the professor is the mayor of dullsville. Luckily I know a few people in there so my lab group is fun to work with. I have a really old russian prof in my geography class, he has a VERY thick accent and refuses to use slides or hand-outs. half my notes are like "Culture: the grouping of (? look up in book) defined by (????????)" It's very difficult to pay attention when you can understand about every other phrase. My sociology class is fairly average, lecture, slides, essays and tests. All very ho-hum.

The apartment is a BIT* of a mess right now, due to my art supplies taking up one side of the living room. Hopefully I'll muster up the courage to clean out the office/storage room and be able to have a makeshift "art studio". *= huge dang mess that is sprawling EVERYWHERE

I'm hoping to be able to update here with the phrase "I HAVE A STEADY JOB!" sometime in the next two weeks, I did have a nannying job sorta lined up, but it fell through. =(

I did go to the hospital last sunday, I was have major sharp pains in my sides that I could barely breathe, and Jake took me to the ER and the doctor first scared us with the "oh, you totally could be pregnant" and then came back a half hour later saying "oh, no just a bad UTI/kidney infection. take some pills." So I am healthy, no longer in pain and finished my antibiotics. =D


Ruth & Charlie says:
at: Jan 30, 2008, 10:32:00 PM said...

Smile Tracy these are your good old days...I sure hope you are enjoying them. Love ya