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Parents :)

Mom and Pop came down and visited with me and Jake this weekend. we showed them the apartment, let them see that we're not living in squalor and that we're both healthy and happy.
We went to Big City for my and Jake's year anniversary (of our first kiss, yes we're goofy and have silly anniversaries.) we saw Untraceable, and it was creepy/scary/good. It was pretty graphic (burning a guy to death, killing someone with battery acid, bleeding someone out with papercuts) but it was really cool seeing the cyber-cops catch the bad guys.

Mom also got us some food (the fancy stuff we can't afford) and my freezer is chock-full!

I made a really yummy potato soup too! I'm going to share the recipe so you guys can enjoy it. It's really good and fairly cheap/easy to make.

1 diced onion
2 tbls butter
4 diced potatoes
1/4 tsp celery seed
1 cup chicken broth
2 cups of milk + 2 tsp of flour
salt and pepper

1. cook butter and onion in a 2 quart pot until onions are soft
2. add potatoes, celery seed and chicken broth
3. simmer for 15 minutes
4. slowly stir in milk and flour mixture
5. simmer for 5 minutes
6. put 1/2 of the soup into the blender and puree.
7. return puree back to pot. it's serves 4 people

I added a 1/3 cup of instant mashed potatoes to make the soup thicker, but that's just a personal preference.


Heather says:
at: Feb 23, 2008, 7:27:00 AM said...

Glad to hear you are well. Hope school is interesting and keeping you busy.