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Hey. Updating. What a concept!

Y'all have Jake to thank for me updating this thing- he reminded me that I have it. =D

This is my last week of college!! Whoa. Aren't you surprised I lasted that long?! I actually only have two finals to study for- Psychology and US History. All my other classes had projects for finals or I tested out of the final.(yay french!) I'm kinda sorta slightly worried about my psych one cause they use those scary big words. (anything more than two syllables and I get confused.) History is insanely easy cause it hardly ever changes ;) I've also been super busy with packing up my room.
Ever since my roommate moved out, my stuff has magically expanded and taken over the room- I have no idea how I fit it all in one half of the space before. Luckily- Muse is having a community yard sale sometime (I think...) and I always have Ebay to sell things I don't need.

I'll be home by the 7th. Crazy to think about that. I'm excited for my summer nannying job- 4 adorable little kids. In all reality- I'm getting paid to do arts and crafts and play games! What could be better than that? (besides getting paid for being awesome- but no one can afford THOSE prices. ;P )

I'm chalking my recent decline in health to lack of sleep and lots of stress. I've been getting headaches more frequently and feeling nauseous at random times of the day. I'm hoping a week or so at home will make that a lot better.

in other good news- Nick @ Nite is showing Growing Pains reruns! I'm excited about that. I just wish they weren't shown at 4am.