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Hey- go me, two posts in a month? that's an 100% improvement =D

I went to my friend Sunny's bridal shower on thursday. We ooh'd and ahh'd and devilishly giggled at the gifts.(Chocolate frosting, need I say more? ;) ) And we got to eat yummy fancy food, so what's not to love? and in the car ride I got to have a conversation with Sarah on how much she and her brothers hate Delilah- the radio personality.

Then, on friday, after my last class of the semester (psych. we learned about DID) I had the adventure of trying to contact Jake, whose cell-phone has died and so has his computer. It's like phone-tag without all the fun. But we did get to hang out and watch a movie (Deja vu) at his parents house (along with some interesting true-or-dare tricks from his little sister and her friend. They are adorable-y annoying)

then today, I was planning on going with the church to a day hike and dinner, but I woke up (after only 4 hours of sleep) with a headache and a room that needed to be packed and cleaned before friday. I spent most of the day vacuum packing my clothes and selling back my books to the bookstore. I also had to rearrange the room so it looked like it did when we moved it (Roommate had moved some stuff before I got there, so I got it at close as I remember.)

and I am sad to admit that today, I fell for the superglued quarter in my hallway... It's been there for a few weeks and apparently I forgot that it was glued down. I blame my fatigue :-P

and for your enjoyment: the reasoning behind my very very weird URL, the paradoxical-brainiac thing. It's entirely Jake's fault. (but then again, isn't everything his fault? =D) He is a walking paradox and an actual brainiac. but I suppose that my addiction to certain words is also to blame. I love how paradoxical looks. It looks complicated and smart. Even though I'm not 100% sure it's a real word... and any word with the letter "x" in it has to be hip and funky. I also didn't want to use my name (stalking, it's not fun) or my other screennnames as people might find out my super secret email address(es)