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College Year One- OVER

I took my last final of my freshman year yesterday. Sold back my books (I spent $500 on them, got $94.25 back. Something is wrong with that.) and am finishing up my packing. Whoo-hoo!

The weather down here is matching my mood perfectly. Rain-y and dark. (wow. How emo did THAT sound...) I'm just upset about leaving all my new friends and Jake for almost four months. Though I'm 78% sure that Jake is coming up to NH for a visit sometime this summer. Or he better be. ;)

Tonight is Lindsay's Bridal Shower. (That's right. Two bridal showers within a week of each other. mormons!! ) Though I must say, I love shopping for brides. You get to look at registeries and shop for hours looking for cutesy things that you'd otherwise have no excuse looking at. (i.e whale shaped soap dishes.) my packaging was also Wicked themed- green and pink! It was totally adorable and girly perfect for a bridal shower.

I'll be home this time next week....weird.....