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Spring Break in Full Swing!

My very first college spring break and I'm no where NEAR a beach!! How upsetting!

But I am having a lot of fun down in Radford, I'm spending the week at Jake's sister and brother-in-law's home. They have an awesome house! I got my own room and they have wireless so I am not dying without internet. =D

I plan on spending most of my time working on my stupid english paper that is due after this week. Triple EW. but in my free time and when Jake is not working, we plan on spending time together. We've seen a few movies (300 is such a guy flick, arms getting chopped off, stabbing, I couldn't look at the screen.) and took a walk with his Mom and Dad. I'm hoping that we'll go to the museum soon (I want to see the star show!) and go out to eat at Outback SteakHouse, those are my exciting plans.

I'll be sure to update a lot this week, as I have my mornings free!