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The Wheels on the bus go round and round and round.....

I really don't enjoy the bus. I don't know anyone who, when given the choice, goes "ohmigosh, I totally want to take the bus!!" Why is that you may ask. I'll tell you why, it's Cause Buses Suck. (I'm working on getting that to be my catch phrase.)

Everything about them are unpleasant. The seats are much too small and you're constantly touching sides with your seatmate, which is uncomfortable for people like me who are travelling alone. The smell within the bus is stale and gross, but that is heavenly compared to the smell of the bus stations themselves. It's a wonderful mixture of urine, gas and cigarettes. Yummy, really. The buses also move very slowly, taking almost 24 hours to travel 735 miles, when by car it takes 13 hours. Where do you spend those extra 11 hours? well, if you're lucky, you'll be sitting on gross plastic seats for two hours or so at various bus stations, but if you're like me, you'll be on the even grosser floor for four hours. You must be perfectly silent on the bus. No phones, no loud talking with anyone around you, your music must be on the lowest volume possible. Do not anger anyone on a bus. Not unlike an airplane, these people are cramped and just as, if not more, annoyed than you because they are on a bus. Buses are good places to practice being a mime.

I take the bus because it's easiest for me to get to a bus station than it is to get to the airport, it is also cheaper even though it takes longer. I did enjoy the first half of my trip home for thanksgiving, but that was because I found a few girls to hang out with and chit-chat . But as much as buses SUCK, I prefer them over the very scary airplanes. Therefore, the only reason to take the bus is if you're a poor, scared college student like me. Which is where the phrase, you get what you pay for comes from I suppose.