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Honey, I'm Home!

1:09 AM, NYC, NY, USA Port Authority Bus Station.

So thanks to complete dumb luck, I arrived EXACTLY as the last Boston bound bus left for Friday left the gate at 12:10, and now I must wait for the one at 3:30am on Saturday. Oh well, it gives me some time to update this thing (Ha-ha, that is if I had INTERNET. I’m typing it up on word and I’ll post it later. I’m that cool.) I’ve had a few interesting bus-pals. There was The Hippie Couple and Co, a young couple that had matching long blonde hair and two small children who were mercifully quiet from Charlottesville to Washington DC. I would have thought they were actual hippies, if it were not for their 8572 bags and expensive looking toys the kids played with. Then there was Art Girl. I didn’t mind sitting next to her, but she painted. On a bus. I’ll repeat that. She PAINTED on the bus. She took out a little baggie with small tubes of paint, squeezed a few drops of it on to her finger, and painted in a small notebook she was carrying around. She wasn’t even painting anything WELL. Just splotches and stripes. But hey- maybe it’s some new funky modern art that an old foogey like me just doesn’t understand. For all I know, those splotches could be representing her frustration with the worlds society….or some art-y reason.

Then from Washington DC to NYC, I was alone in my seat! Oh how glorious it is to have two seats all to yourself!!! You can stretch, you can move it’s wonderful. I suggest buying two tickets just for that purpose.


My battery just about died when I finished typing that, I had watched a movie and a half while waiting for that stupid bus. Some more fun people I met , Mr. Snores-a-lot from NYC to Boston. He was rather...large and had a loud snore. and slept. a lot. we were not friends.

Also had the fun game called "Count Rolling Luggage". In the south station of Boston, my seat while waiting for my final bus was right infront of the escalator, so I counted how many people had rolling bags. But that got too hard, so I counted people who DIDN'T have rolling luggage. Two people had bags bigger than a backpack without wheels. TWO. out of an hour of people watching. Is our country that lazy that they can't lift a bag for a few feet? Gosh. And most people's rolling luggage was smaller than a briefcase.

I shall update more at a later time, it is late and I've been travelling 700+ miles so needless to say, I'm tired.