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Heal me, I'm Heartsick

Today marks the end of my first semester at College. Finals and such are all over. And I am here to say, it wasn't too bad. (Though Stats can go shove it.) I have survived, and at some points I even enjoyed the experience. I can only pray that next semester will be so nice to my poor brain. At least I won't have University 100 anymore!!!

The Holidays are coming up! Even though I have yet to see REAL Snow, you know, the big flakes, the slushly streets and air so cold you can see your breath? All I've seen here at college is spitting little bits of snow, but nothing that has made it feel very christmas-y. I'm excited to go back up north and hopefully get snowed in AFTER my busride from heck. There ARE fun and funny christmas light displays here too though. The town has giant light up snowflakes on each lamppost and the trees are all decked out in colored lights. There is also my favorite, the inflatable Nativity Scene on the way to church. But it's nothing like the displays back home. No one really COVERS their house and yard in decorations. Odd really, you'd think the rednecks would be into that sort of thing. =D