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Instagram Addiction Anonymous.

Admitting a problem is the first step to solving it.

Hello, my name is Tracy and I am an Instagram Addict.

It started so simply. It seemed so innocent. I'd post a photo about once a week- checking my feed about the same. But slowly I started checking my feed each night as I followed more users. The sepia tones, oh the sepia tones! It was like wanna-be-hipster crack.

then I found the supporting apps. Apps to make my already adorable toddler even more so. Sigh.

Apps like Frametastic, LabelBox, Afterlight and A Beautiful Mess. I add doodles, borders, stamps and filters unabashedly. #shame

All of a sudden I'm posting 5-6 photos a day. Checking my feed during any down time. Commenting. Favoriting. Abusing hash tags like no one's business. And the photos are no longer just of my child. Somehow any meal that actually makes it on to a plate (instead of the packaging it originated) is instagram-worthy. Every craft, every project has several photos dedicated to it. Heck- even screen captures of mobile games and apps aren't safe.

and now? NOW? The pushers at Instagram have rolled out a new feature. Videos. SEPIA TONED VIDEOS. Suddenly my feed is flooded with 15 second long morsels of beauty and humor. How am I supposed to resist THAT!?

So, yeah, follow me on Instagram?