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Begging for Blocks.

I was asked to help design our magazine's entry in a local christmas tree decoration contest. I mulled over a couple of dozen ideas. Did I want to do something old-school holiday style or completely out there and wacky? Do I make the magazine the theme, or stick with general childhood themes? AH! So many ideas! And these trees are SERIOUS every year. It's one of my favorite traditions! Then the idea hit me, an idea that while crazy, is so dang cool. If we can pull it off, it would rock the socks off everyone who sees it!

100% (well 95%, gotta count the lights) Lego Decorations. My boss loved it. It's child friendly, so it fits with our magazine, but it's so interesting and different that it should stand out. So I got down to business. I found a lego designer software that let me build with any kind of lego possible. I found free christmas designs from a very nice artist. Everything was going smoothly!

Only problem is, the ornament designs we've found would cost well over $10 PER ornament. And that is the simple ball ornament, not the fancy santa or reindeer ornaments that need speciality pieces. With 250+ ornaments (not to mention the several yards of 2x2 block garland we want) to fill up the large tree, we'd be looking at a pretty pricey contest.

So that's why I'm begging. I'm begging for lego blocks. If you're local, and you have some blocks that are just taking up space or don't match any of your children's sets (I know we all have a few floating pieces!) Please send them my way. We'll have a list of donators next to our tree, so you'll get a HUGE city-wide thank you from us!


jen lamb says:
at: Jul 10, 2013, 9:12:00 PM said...

As I told you earlier, you're welcome to choose what you need from my collection! My collection just got bigger w/a small lot I picked up from eBay!