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More Signs Chucky Sue is a BIG Girl

Every once in a while it just hits me, Chucky Sue is growing up so darn fast! Sometimes too fast for my liking. I've always thought the "blink and you'll miss it" saying about children must have been an exaggeration, but I'm here to tell you- it's not! It seems like every time I turn around she's learning and doing new things.

The most recent big girl moment was at our local playground. The playground is divided into two main sections, the babies and preschoolers on one end,  the older kids on the other. We've always let her go on her own in the younger section by herself, but have hovered close by while she explored the older one. This past week she's mastered everything on the ENTIRE playground.  All the slides, steps, bridges and twists. She's so good at everything that she sat me and Jake down on a bench and told us off for trying to help her! She follows all the rules we've taught her- taking turns, no pushing, holding on to railings, even waiting for a grown up to use the fire pole.

but then again, there are times when she cuddles up next to me during a movie or falls asleep in the car where I can still see glimpses of that little baby from two years ago.