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Easter Photoshoot's Conversation

Hey Chucky Sue, Do you wanna go take some pictures for Nonie?
I know you like being outside, but I just need a few shots...
Really, could you look AT me for more than 1/8000000th of a second? My camera isn't that fast!
Hey Chucky, I see Dora in my Camera!
A HA! A portrait. With a strange look on your face. It counts.
Let's go look at the flowers down the street.
okay, you're not in focus. Let mommy fix that.
okay, that's not too bad.
Are you counting the flowers?
Ack. Focus. I'm still learning this camera!
No, That's the neighbor's porch sweetie- you can't dance there.
I'm sorry. Let's go on a walk!
HEY! Slow down!
Look at that pouty lip!
Just. Stay. Still!
Gosh you are cute.

Okay, We're done. Let's go snuggle with chocolate milk and Elmo's World.

-Happy Easter!


miss jen says:
at: Apr 4, 2012, 10:56:00 AM said...

LOVE THEM! You're saving some really good ones to print out for me for my birthday & Mothers Day, right? You have a whole month to "capture" her best poses! Mwah! Love you guys!