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Anna Malls!

Jake whisked me and Chucky Sue off on a mystery date this morning. While he got Chucky Sue dressed, I was told to prepare for lots of walking and to bring our new camera. I had no idea where he was bringing us, but he had a sneaky smile so I knew it was going to be good.

The mystery date was to our local zoo- Mill Mountain Zoo! I was so excited! This zoo has been on our list of things to do in our area for years now, but we have never gone until today. It's literally 5 minutes from our driveway to their parking lot, but in that short drive we climbed a steep mountain road lined with beautiful blossoming fruit trees. The drive alone was gorgeous enough to merit a day out with the family. I don't know how we kept putting off the zoo with it being so close- It's definitely a go-to activity for us now!

The zoo is small, I knew that from online reviews, but it is a perfect size for little kids. It's not overwhelming or easy to get lost, I think the actual zoo covers 2 acres, if that. They don't have very many large animals- no elephants or giraffes- but lots of smaller mammals and birds. They also have a reptile house, but I only lasted long enough in there to snap a picture of a frog! Chucky Sue didn't stay interested in any one animal for a very long time, but really enjoyed saying "Hi" and "Bye" to each one- sometimes asking them if "They okay?" or "Where they go?". She loved the trails and stairs all over the place. This is a girl who loves going outside to walk up and down our sidewalk. She just really digs paved walkways!

Even though the zoo is small, they offer the same things the larger zoos offer- educational stations, zoo tours, a train ride, a playground, special event nights- concerts or visiting animal tours.  There's also a free park right across the parking lot with the Mill Mountain Star- the mountain can certainly be a day long event for a family with older kids.

We spent $14 for the whole family for about three hours, and would have stayed longer if Chucky Sue didn't need a nap. So locals, stop putting off going to this zoo- it's definitely worth a trip!

(Yes mom, click the pictures to make them bigger!)


miss jen says:
at: Apr 2, 2012, 11:32:00 AM said...

ooooo! A "no tech mommy joke!" I enjoy seeing pics of Lil Miss & hearing the stories of how big she is getting! I know to click on a photo to make it bigger! I just wish my eyes didn't make it so I even NEED to! MWAH!

Susan says:
at: Apr 2, 2012, 12:34:00 PM said...

Sounds like you need zoo passes!! Our zoo passes may be our best yearly investment (for current purposes anyway). Our zoo is a little bigger but still a great size and our kids love going. We treat it like a park and meet friends, pack picnic lunches, etc. If they offer passes, I definitely recommend it, especially since you are that close!