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Skype: A Grandmother's Dream!

I think my mother is addicted to Skype. After our Christmas video chat she learned how to sign in all by herself and start a video chat. Chucky Sue loves talking and singing with her Nonie in her room. She shows off her toys, and makes Nonie wear silly hats. Today we chatted at the park while Chucky Sue swung, and then had snack-time together. It's very sweet to see them share small moments  together.

I know my mom is sore about how far away my family is from her, so I hope these little chats cheer her up.

How do you share your lives with faraway relatives? I don't know how people did without e-mails or skype!


miss jen says:
at: Jan 25, 2012, 2:00:00 PM said...

I'm technically challenged, so I'm not addicted to Skype! However... I AM ADDICTED TO SEEING & TALKING W/MY GRANDBABY! And right now, Skype is the only way I know how to do that w/o it costing a fortune! She is growing so fast & her motor skills are fun to watch as she develops them! And her TALKING! Wow! She is her mother's daughter! Loves to talk & read books! Mwah! See you on the Skype tomorrow!