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Our Newest Visitor

Just a few short days after saying goodbye to Nonie and Ooogie we had a new visitor, of the unwelome sort. 

(No this is not an actual photo- you think I had time to take a photo!?)

While playing in Chucky-Sue's room I heard her say "Meow?" and looked up to see what she was pointing at.

it was a HUGE rat crawling on her radiator.

After much shrieking, frustration, jumping up and down, creative cursing and "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh"-ing, Jake was able to capture the nasty thing and GET IT OUT  OF MY HOUSE. 

Chucky-Sue thought it was the funniest thing ever and would jump up and down when I did. We then camped out in the living room together because I had to psych myself up just to walk PAST the room, let alone allow my child to SLEEP in there!! I'm doing better today, I let Chucky Sue take her nap in there and she survived. But every little sound that this old house makes puts me on edge. 

This is a long about way of telling you that you all need to leave comment convincing Jake that we need to adopt a cat.


miss jen says:
at: Nov 19, 2011, 9:49:00 PM said...

Jake, unless you can put up with screaming, jumping & all out craziness from your wife each and every time a rodent gets into your apartment,
There's never "just one rodent"! They have families too! And you didn't kill the bugger! What's to keep it from finding its way back to exact its revenge?
As Tracy's mother, I would LOVE to see this "rat sighting" change your wife into a cleaning, neat, organized wonder woman who will starve those dirty rats right out of your apartment and away from Chucky-Sue! But I know the odds are slim.
I'll help w/supplies & will send a gift card for a litter box & scoop as well as the 1st box of kitty litter @ PetCo!