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Nonie and Ooogie came to visit

My parents came down for a quick visit over veteran's day weekend- mostly to spoil Chucky Sue and maybe say hi to me and Jake. They camped out in my modest sized living room-  Nonie on a camping cot, Oogie on what I believe was a pool float? He swore it was more comfortable than our air mattress! We celebrated a mini-christmas, (along with a skype call to my sister who had to stay up in New England for school) went to Jake's grandmother's wedding, and played in our new city. Except for Nonie and Chucky Sue getting sick on the last day, it was a great visit.

 Chucky Sue is loving the toys they left behind, a toy kitchen ("Num Num!") and a bucket of my old pony toys ("Ho Knee") have been the play sets of choice. She is definitely missing the 24/7 attention and I'm missing my mom as the built in babysitter and my dad washing the dishes every night. They treat us too well and we can't wait for another visit.