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31 Days of Halloween: Day Twenty Six

I've mentioned it before but my mom has a blog- it's at and it's extremely well written. She always has funny stories about the kids she watches or recipes she's been trying out. She's just a quirky lady and I love her for it :) This is completely stolen from her 2009 post.

(picture from google)


miss jen says:
at: Oct 26, 2011, 3:52:00 PM said...

Thank you, T! Are you buttering me up before my visit, in hopes of being spoiled? LOL!
Dad & I had Dinner in a Pumpkin earlier in the month. I still haven't perfected the recipe. Last time it was too sweet, this time I used too much soy sauce. When one only cooks it once a year, it's hard to perfect!
I would definitely use a large PIE pumpkin instead of the jack o'lantern variety. Tastes much better!
Kisses to Lil Miss! See you soon!