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31 Days of Halloween: Day Thirteen

 Halloween Bookmarks

Do you have a halloween party to go to? Or two or three? 
Are you like me and a little wary of giving kids THAT much sugar in a week span? 
Here is a freebie for you that is a little better than handing out toothbrushes or apples.

Halloween themed bookmarks! Ranging from classy to cartoony! I am personally fond of the mustache one.

(click to enlarge and print)


miss jen says:
at: Oct 14, 2011, 7:02:00 PM said...

Sorry. I'm still cracking up about how wary you are with giving little kids so much sugar in such a short period of time! My baby is growing up! Now that you have a kid of your own, sugar has a whole new meaning to you!

The bookmarks are cute, but handing them out? The few kids we actually get on Trick or Treat night wouldn't be very happy! Unless they were in combination with a candy bar! Maybe Dad will print them out on some cardstock for me?

Tracy says:
at: Oct 14, 2011, 8:55:00 PM said...

note I didn't recommend it for trick or treaters- just parties or play groups ;)