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31 Days of Halloween: Day Five

I grew up in New England with parents who tolerated halloween and decorated while my sister and I were young. We wore sweatshirts and winter coats under our store bought costumes and my parents dutifully marched us up and down our neighborhood streets to get free candy from the community until our fingers were blue (from the lollipops, not the cold.)

Now that I'm grown with a kid of my own I'm remembering all the memories my parents gave us. My mom may not claim to be very creative or artsy but every holiday our house was decorated with pictures and paper garlands. I have a whole tub of homemade christmas ornaments she kept for years after I made them.

thanks mom and dad, for such a happy childhood!


miss jen says:
at: Oct 5, 2011, 9:46:00 PM said...

We marched you all over the neighborhood for Trick or Treat because we WANTED to do so!
Well, I wanted to,
your Dad wanted to make me happy. He usually was the one passing out the candy @ home!
You're welcome for a happy childhood, I hope you can do the same for your kids!
I LOVE those homemade things of yours! And Mae's! (see, I remembered to use your secret code)
I noticed you didn't post a picture of yourself in a pink Power Rangers costume! Or your elf costume (that one was homemade)!
Loving your days of Halloween!