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Crafty McCrafterpants

Oh yes, thanks to the introduction of, my crafty levels have skyrocketed. I now believe there is nothing I can't do with chalkboard paint and miniature desserts.

Here is a start of a project- AlphaPillows! 
They are tiny 2x1.5 inch pillows with a letter so neatly scribbled on the back. I got through the letter M before I ran out of thread. (What kind of horrible crafter runs out of thread?!) 

I'm hoping to make a matching bag/case and a few boards to play games with them; Match the letters, fill in the missing letter from the word sorta thing. Jake is rolling  his eyes at me. THEY WILL BE CUTE.

and then there was this:

my awesome mother-in-law bought me Hannah Montana sheets and matching pillowcases at Goodwill. (fabric heaven to you penny pinching crafters) They have this awesome hot pink floral pattern on them, and thankfully no Miley Cyrus portraits. I turned 1/2 of the pillow case into a pencil skirt for Chucky-Sue, who refused to model it. I'll try to snap a pic of her wearing it tomorrow. and for the bottom half, I turned it into a tote bag for her library books. With glitter lettering and everything. I think Hannah would be proud. (You could see the glitter, but I had to blur out her name. but it is sparkly and awesome!)

Tomorrow's craft list? A halloween tu-tu, and more dress-up stuffs, the rest of the AlphaPillows and monogram adjective prints. I know you're intrigued!


miss jen says:
at: Sep 8, 2011, 5:43:00 AM said...

All I need to do is get some scrap fabric to you & I will be awesome? What about thread? What would I be if i sent you thread?
Good job on your crafts! I love browsing, but since I would buy them FOR you, it'd be silly for me to but them FROM you! Right?

Tracy says:
at: Sep 8, 2011, 9:20:00 AM said...

Heck yes if you ever want to send me crafting supplies you will be lauded as awesome too :)

miss jen says:
at: Sep 8, 2011, 4:40:00 PM said...

I picked up a Paper Crafts magazine today thinking I would find craft ideas to do w/the kids. It wasn't what I thought, but I know you'll love it. Comes with a CD/DVD too! Coming soon to a Post Office near you!