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Craft Room Tour

A lot of craft blogs I follow have beautiful pictures of their immaculate well organized craft rooms/areas.

this is one from Little Brick House

homina homina homina.
(Is that how it is spelled? I digress.)

My apartment is ~800sqft. I have a kitchen table for a "Craft Room".

the placemat protects the table from modge podge and stabbing exacto knives.
A kitchen table that a one year smears food on at least 3 times a day; a table that my husband does his fantasy football computer work on; a table that you can see from my living room and thus needs to be presentable if we have company. It's a hardworking table and I love it to pieces. But it's not a craft room.

I also have a dresser, full of non-matching boxes and bags carrying these labels:

 Art Supplies

 Misc STUFF 



*authored by Jake

But I craft just as well on my kitchen table, if just a little haphazardly and sporadically.

Oh wait, that's not my table...
there's my table. covered in boxes and scrap paper
These reminded me of those candy buttons. I hated getting a mouthful of paper while eating those things!

Took apart old computer to find pretty jewelry pieces- anyone wanna cut up my motherboard for me?

Made a couple hundred of these during one naptime. 

Making Dork Crafts!
I love the teapot paper the best.
The clock is cute too...

Hopefully one day I'll post a real craft room tour, with a room- y'know with walls and everything? Show me your craft room for ideas?

* and yes, I do collect candy wrappers. Mostly from foreign countries (Those carmel sticks from France? NOM!) but I think I have a few starburst wrappers in that box too... Stop judging me!


miss jen says:
at: Aug 6, 2011, 11:06:00 PM said...

Where were the crafts in the really organized rooms? I'd be too afraid of making a mess so NO CRAFTS would be allowed in the craft room!

Take care when undoing computers! There are some dangerous stuff in there like mercury! Leave the motherboard to the professionals!

Glad to see the table is getting good use & care! I have matching benches & chairs which will someday get down to you! With a smaller, new job, who knows when that will be?

Love you!