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Dora The Explorer

My kid watches TV. Not a lot of it on normal days, but she's been teething this weekend and got a cold on top of that so yes, Chucky-Sue has been watching a lot of Dora. And Diego and Wonder Pets,along with the whole PBS line up. I'm surprised she isn't singing the alphabet in her sleep yet. ( I know I am...)

And I have some questions for the creators of Dora.

1. What parent doesn't question the fact that their five year old daughter's best friend is a monkey that wears rain boots 24/7? Let's just go with the whole she communicates (bilingually!) with animals and fairy tale characters.

2. What five year old is allowed to go through the Forest of 'Thorns and Prickers, over Crocodile Pond and to Gooey Geyser in order to find the big red chicken? I wasn't allowed to cross the street but Dora and Boots get to battle crocodiles!?

3.Has Dora been checked for near-nearsightedness and Alzheimers? She can't seem to see 5 inches in front of her face and she often forgets things, like where she lives (she's needed Map to get her home in several episodes!)

4. This is more for Diego, but he's only a few years older than Dora but is driving through the rain forest?

Comedian Brian Regan explains the show the best way possible:
Brian Regan - Dora the Explorer
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Now I'm off to snuggle my poor teething toddler!


Amy C. says:
at: Jul 31, 2011, 9:40:00 PM said...

I was totally going to comment and mention the whole "I'm the map" song thing. :-)

Susan says:
at: Jul 31, 2011, 11:15:00 PM said...

Hilarious! We don't watch much Dora, but we're just now branching out from Barney. Breeley likes Sesame Street, and we just discovered Bubble Guppies. It comes with its own realism problems, but overall it's mommy approved.