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April Fools' Day

Once a  year we gather as a people to make our friends look ridiculous.  We balance buckets of ping pong balls on doors, we put rubber bands on the spray hose in the sink, we seran-wrap cars and tinfoil offices. The history has something to do with the change of the calendars way back when, but really- those crazy 15th century dudes were just bored and wanted to pull some pranks.

This year I thought of many joke emails I could have sent to my family, they varied from "We're Pregnant!" (nixed because we decided we don't need more bad pregnancy karma) to "We're moving to Boston for a new job!" (nixed because my mom would have found a way to smack me via the internet) and the stories just got sillier from there; and even more unbelievable.

The Internet is always a good place for pranks, Gmail did not let me down this year, they promised new technology that would allow me to read and reply to emails with just my webcam and funky body motions, neither did with their Star Wars lightsaber popsicles.(which I am hoping become a real product soon.)

So, Dear Readers, did you get pranked today? Or were you the prankster?


miss jen says:
at: Apr 3, 2011, 8:27:00 PM said...

Can't tell you how much I appreciate that you didn't prank me w/ "We're preggers!" I hardly see Little Miss as it is, I really be depressed if you had another one I couldn't visit.
Anyway, only Mother Nature played a trick where I was on the 1st. SIX inches of perfect snowman/snowball snow! And the kids still had to go to school! Joke on them!