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Have you ever...

had a day where everything goes right?

Nothing super-duper happened today, but everything just seemed to click into place.

We had a fun picnic lunch with some friends. Chucky-Sue was afraid of the grass for 30 minutes, and then BAM she was off crawling around in it with no problem.

Chucky-Sue went down for her nap and for the night without any fuss or tantrums. (okay, I had to snuggle the living daylights out of her to do it, but it worked)

I tried out the BTO self-serve yogurt place on main street, fell in love with fruity pebbles as a dessert topping.

I got to hang out with Jake because he FINALLY had no meetings, job interviews, work crap to do on his supposed "days off".

I found time to sketch for a whole hour uninterrupted!

It's these small things all happening at once that made today a great day :)


miss jen says:
at: Mar 23, 2011, 3:41:00 AM said...

Well, since Gracie woke me up @ 3AM! Stoopid cat! I read your blog & will comment.

How is the interview/job search going for M? Any good prospects?

I'm happy you had a wonderful day. I remember you not liking the feel of grass on your skin. You would sit on the grass w/your feet way up in the air! I guess if you continued that position, you'd have killer abs, like Charlie does!

Still too cold for ice cream or A/C up here in NH, but it sounded yummy. Snow expected again tomorrow.

I got together w/the Easter Bunny & will be shipping a box out for you guys soon. It will be a separate box from your b-day one! This is the first Easter since you were 4, that is sooo close to your b-day! That year it landed ON your birthday! I think Easter may be closer to my b-day than yours this year!

Here's to you and me having some more wonderful days! Mwah to both o'youse!