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Nonie's Gift

Dear Nonie
We got your package today. We love the  gerber snacks you sent Chucky-Sue. The swimming gear will be so helpful this summer at our pool. The egg coloring kits are early, but appreciated.
but WHICH teenage antic earned this gigantic block of LOUD and ANNOYING songs?

Don't get me wrong, she loves the dang thing. The buzzing circle that sings "Ring around the Rosie" is her favorite. But how many grey hairs did I have to give you to make you think "Yeah, Tracy would want this in her house."?!?!

with apologetic love,


miss jen says:
at: Mar 27, 2011, 1:52:00 AM said...

I am just doing my best to help in the development/growth of my grandbaby!
As I type this comment... "Triangle, ABC. Triangle 123. 123, it's a triangle", is on a continuous loop in my brain. See, it works!
Besides, sending her an annoying toy, which she ends up loving, which means her parents can't toss it, will assure that my name gets mentioned @ least once during the day.

Susan says:
at: Mar 27, 2011, 9:54:00 AM said...

LOL!! Love the post, and your mom's reasoning! I have to say toys with lots of small parts are about as bad as loud, obnoxious ones... thankfully, my mom hasn't tried to pay me back for all the gray hairs I caused! Glad Charlie likes her new toy! :)