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Item for Sale: Decorated Wooden Letters

I really loved making those letters for Sophie and now I'm offering them on sale!

Because each item is so customized, it'd be really complicated to offer these on Etsy. I've decided to post all the basic info here, sizing, colors, accessories, what-have-you, and then if you're interested, we'll have a consult and make you a unique work of art.

Right now I'm just charging cost of any new materials (and shipping if applicable) so this is a pretty great deal! This means that anything I have to buy specifically for your order, you pay for. If I already have the right colored paper, buttons, paint, etc... that comes FREE.

Letters are bought from Michael's Craft Stores and range from $0.99-$5.99 each letter depending on size. For example; the letters I used for Sophie were 5 inches tall and cost $2.99 each, and were the most expensive part of the craft.

As for paper and decorations, those are really customized and hard to explain prices for. I copied Sophie's nursery set for her letters, I could go with any theme you can imagine, base it off a color family, the sky's the limit!

If you are interested, comment here and I'll post a custom listing on Etsy if I need to ship it (or if you want to pay by credit card), if you're local you can pick it up and pay cash/check.

Now, if you're thinking "but I don't have a nursery/baby/kid" these letters would look great as a last name, or "Love", "Faith" etc. etc. Myself, I am thinking of getting a larger set for my last name in my living room :)