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NaBloPoMo, rolls right off the tongue right? Well, It is inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) or by the same people, I don't know- I'll research it for a later post.

NaBloPoMo is National Blog Posting Month and whether you guys know it or not you've been participating! I'm bending the rules a TINY bit due to my internet connectivity issue. I do write everyday, but the posts will have to be back-dated whenever I get online (like today, this is technically Monday's post but it was published on Tuesday, get it?) Most people have been starting this with a welcome/introduction post and who am I to buck tradition??

I'm Tracy. I'm very much a "Jackie of All Trades, Master of None" type personality. I love to dabble in anything and everything. I write, draw, paint, sing, parent, speak french and do laundry. My favorite title is "Mother" but I'm also working hard on developing the one of "Artist".

I'm incredibly shy in person but loud and obnoxious online. I'm married to a great guy, Jake, who has his own rarely updated blog.

 We have a beautiful daughter, Chucky-Sue who will soon be 6 months old. Chucky-Sue has a twin sister, Angelina, who you can read about in past entries, they are sprinkled throughout the blog.

My blog is mostly about my family; lately mostly about Angelina and our experience with her. I try to alternate my sad, heavy posts with funny light ones. I do also blog about my crafts, my church, and the crazy things that happen to me. I love photography, and use the blog as a reason to break out my camera anytime I can!

My favorite color is red. my favorite number is 5. My favorite song is (currently) Rose's Turn from Glee. I'm a twitter newbie, but I do love following my geeky celebrities. I go to comic conventions and I love steampunk jewelry. I can quote almost the entire series of Friends by heart, and a day doesn't go by where I don't read I'm silly, sarcastic, loyal and just plain weird sometimes.

And Welcome, to NaBloPoMo!