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Mommy's Discharge

The day has come that I am not looking forward to, leaving the hospital for the Ronald  McDonald House.

I know I'll really be no further away than I am now, and that I'll still be able to see the girls anytime, but the idea of leaving the hospital without them is far more painful than any stomach pain I've been having. It's a block away, there's a hourly shuttle from 7am to 6pm, I should be able to see the girls as much as I do now.

Last night the patient in the room next door was trying to soothe her little boy, hearing him cry just about tore me up. I cannot wait until the day when I have at LEAST one of my babies in my room, to hold, cuddle and be with whenever I want. (Having both with me would be unimaginably amazing.)

Angelina handled her first major surgery very well yesterday, she's definitely still under the medication, she's very still whenever we visit. After the colostomy has healed up, we should be able to hold her again, so right now kisses and hand holding will have to suffice. They keep weaning her off the breathing tube, but then keep it in in-case she has another surgery. Even so, the nurses keep praising how well she could breathe, so that's not anyone's worry. Hopefully after the first "Team Meeting" today  we'll have a set time-table for her upcoming surgeries.

Chucky-Sue got major cuddling yesterday, I held her from 3 till a bit after 6. I changed her diaper (They have to fold preemie diapers in half to fit her tiny little waist!) and got to try actual breastfeeding. She's still too young to have a very strong sucking reflex/impulse/whatever you call it, but she understood the basic principles of it. The nurses have also taught me and Jake some soothing techniques for her, as she gets VERY fussy about all the tubes and wires on her face. It was torture watching them put a feeding tube through her nose, but at the same time, I felt wonderful when I was able to calm her down afterwards. Then before Jake and I went to bed at 10, Jake was able to hold her under her blue-light thing. (Which she should be off in the next few days, her jaundice wasn't very bad to begin with, and she's mastered pooping. She got THAT talent from her Daddy.)

We want to thank everyone for their prayers, calls, letters and emails. They've been so helpful for us. (Special thank you to Jaime and Kate who's been getting me in contact with local members who may be able to help, We're meeting the local RS president today.) I want to let you all know, that in term of baby "stuff" we don't need much until they are discharged. The hospital has been great providing a lot of things. We (well, more me than Jake.) need breastfeeding accessories like nursing pads and milk storage, and Jake may need a few meals while he's in Our Town during the week. I also LOVE visitors and showing off the babies, so if anyone is willing and able to visit, feel free to call or email me and set it up.

I'll leave you off here with a few photos.

Chucky-Sue, sans breathing stuff!

our little sunbather

Angelina the night before her surgery, this photo, and the one above of Chucky-Sue show how much they look alike. (still no news on their identicalness, but that's not high priority at all.)


Nicki says:
at: Feb 17, 2010, 9:25:00 AM said...

I miss my little nieces so much! I have been praying so hard for all of you. Several people have asked how they can help, now I have some more ideas to give them. Love all!

Jaime says:
at: Feb 17, 2010, 9:24:00 PM said...

you sure can see some pretty babies under all those tubes. soooo glad the rmh worked out in the end. so much closer and so much easier. good luck breastfeeding and all that jazz. hang in there, we are thinking and praying for you guys.

Dirt Queen says:
at: Feb 18, 2010, 1:16:00 PM said...

Love you and love the beautiful babies hang in there champ