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This update is about Miss Chucky-Sue

I walked into the NICU this morning and had a heart attack, Chucky-Sue's isolette spot was empty. The monitors were off, there was no nurse. Cue freaking out like MAD. I ran to Angelina's nurse and asked where she was. Thankfully, she had just been graduated to a more stable "pod" of babies!

She's off all her IV fluids! The only wires on her now are the heart/lung/temp monitors and a feeding tube through her nose. Her job right now is to learn to take either my breast or bottle without getting tired, gain weight and control her temperature a little better.

I was able to snuggle with her for a few hours before coming back to the RMH for lunch and rest. (I did spend some time with Angelina too- her situation is generally the same.) We attempted to feed again. She latches somewhat (She seems to understand the idea behind it at least), but she gets tired after a few tries and falls asleep.

She sleeps like her mommy though, with her hands above her head. It's weird to see what little mannerisms she already has at such a young age!

I cannot believe these little ones are four days old. The days and hours have seemed to blend together, I could swear up and down that it's only Tuesday. I've noticed a strange blessing through this trial, I'm less afraid to talk to strangers, whether it be nurses, or other mothers in the milk lounge. I've met two other mothers who've been very nice to me, Nikkita showed me how the milk lounge was set up, what I'd need to bring etc. and Now, Chucky-Sue is near her little girl Regina. There was another family from RMH that have been very nice- I ate lunch with them and we compared how hard it's been (They have a little girl who was born at the same gestational age as ours.). I think finding these small blessings have helped tremendously, otherwise I'd be drowning in the horribleness.


Amy says:
at: Feb 18, 2010, 9:57:00 PM said...

Glad to hear that you are making friends and finding the blessings. Sending you love and prayers.

Jaime says:
at: Feb 19, 2010, 2:48:00 PM said...

Without friends, even ones you just meet, trials suck. It's a great time to see who your real friends are...and you can find them in the most unlikely of places so keep your eyes open. Heavenly Father is putting people in your path to help you through this.
Glad C is progressing.

elaine says:
at: Feb 19, 2010, 9:16:00 PM said...

Hope that you continue to find the rainbows on your path--it makes all the difference to look for them. I am so glad there is an RMH for you to use!

Gram & Gramps says:
at: Feb 19, 2010, 11:19:00 PM said...

So happy for C's progress.