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Double your pleasure, Double your fun

At my high risk ultrasound yesterday the tech gave us the BIGGEST shock ever. I was VERY lucky I was lying down when she told me because I was close to fainting. Jake and I are having TWINS.

In case you misread that, that's TWO BABIES.

I'll let you have a moment to drink that in.

Ready? okay.

I am constantly see-sawing between deliriously happy and scared beyond all belief. We had just hammered out how we were going to afford the one baby, and it was going to be tight but right now caring and raising two babies just seems impossible! Not to mention the fact that we have a hard enough time keeping a single baby in my uterus long enough, let alone two. Our heads are just swimming with all this new information. The ultrasound said everyone was growing just fine, they each had their own healthy placenta. Baby A is a girl, and a VERY active one. She wiggled, danced and squirmed during the entire ordeal. Baby B was very modest and refused to give us a good shot, so we don't know the gender yet. S/he was much more laid back and didn't want to move around much (possibly because her/his sister was going nuts!)

Thankfully I do have an aunt who had twin girls just before Jake and I got married, and we have friends in our ward who've had twins and just warning you guys- We'll be bugging you for advice, information and tips A LOT.

Two. Deux. Dos. TWINS


Coiner Family says:
at: Nov 18, 2009, 2:22:00 PM said...

Oh.My.Gosh. Congratulations!? I think I would feel the same way. Josh knows if we have any doubles thats the end for me.

Susan says:
at: Nov 19, 2009, 12:34:00 AM said...

Congrats again!! You are being doubly blessed! And the thrilled and scared feelings are normal no matter how many babies you are having at once... everything will work out. Heavenly Father knows what he's doing. I'm very happy for you both!

Vicki says:
at: Nov 19, 2009, 8:31:00 AM said...

Wow....what a blessing. I'm thrilled for you and Michael. I have a changing table for you (do you want it?) and pass over baby girl clothes (if you need them).

Jaime says:
at: Nov 19, 2009, 3:38:00 PM said...


miss jen says:
at: Nov 23, 2009, 7:04:00 PM said...

Oooooh Tracy! I'm soooo excited! I just got in the mail, a gift for you and Michael so you can begin documenting your childrens lives. Look in the mail. Thanksgiving may delay it a bit, but it's coming! I wish I could see your face when you get it, but I hope you like it! MOM loves you!

brittany says:
at: Dec 7, 2009, 7:13:00 AM said...

I've decided that I prefer them 2 at a time. yes, it's harder, but it's just so dang funny and cute! I had a reference because they were #4 and #5 which I thought helped my perspective. So here is what my perspective tells me when it's too crazy: It's a phase. Things will change soon. They grow so fast! Hang on for a little while and everything will be okay.

I'm excited for you! Congratulations. email me if you ever have a question or want advice, kay? seriously.