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Memories of Today

Another post proclaiming the cuteness of N and M from FisherFam4. I got to watch them today and they were just hilarious.

Highlights of the day:

M's "pa-pa" almost landing in our muffin mix. I hid it after that. ;)

N playing Hide and Seek with these rules: 1. Tracy must always hide in N's room. 2. N can peek all he wants. 3. M is NOT to count with him under penalty of screeching.

N wanting to help make lunch, but getting bored while waiting for water to boil and started yelling at the pot to get hotter faster.

M bringing baby doll to playground and pushing it on the swing and going on the see-saw with it.

N watching some of Dennis the Menace and us building a fort in homage (Sorry bout the mess in the basement melinda!!)

M walking on the fish pond at the school. I hope no fish were harmed!!!

N and M playing "hopscotch" on the map of the USA. N declared we lived in Texas cause it was the biggest. M pretending to be an airplane after I showed them where New Hampshire was.

8 year old girls thinking Macy was ADORABLE and wanting to play with her, N doing "karate" to show off to them.

M trying so hard to climb the monkey bars. Her little legs juuuuust out of reach.

N&M arguing over who popped the most bubbles. I know it's bad to argue, but M stamping her feet was too cute.

These kids crack me up and make me go from "awwwwww" to "OH CRUD" in five seconds flat :) I love that they keep me on my toes :)


miss jen says:
at: Jul 23, 2009, 12:33:00 PM said...

I like how you say, "I got to watch them." I'm happy that you had a good day with them. My day, thus far, is also good, but it's because I have NO kids I got to watch! I know, terrible grammar in that sentence. Love You!

Tracy Fisher says:
at: Jul 23, 2009, 1:13:00 PM said...

I used got as a positive :) I like watching them!