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Da Beach!

We've been home for a while now, and I'm still not ready to post about it. :( Posting about it means it's over! (that and I haven't scanned in all the things I want to show.)

Here is our vacation in list form:

+ The House was gorgeous and just big enough to fit us all in without feeling overcrowded.
+ The beach was literally feet away from our front porch.
+ Watching the thunderstorm with Richard and Melinda
+ Playing with Macy and Noah for 7 days :)
+ Great Food! Every family meal was delicious!
+ Going to Wilmington, seeing Fort Fisher, The Aquarium and Battleship North Carolina *
+ Fireworks just about every night
+ Late night games with the grown ups (cause 8pm is bedtime for Noah, Macy and Grandpa)
+ Spending an entire week with Michael without talking about Fazoli's or work or money. :)
+ The three tons of shells we took home
+Go-Karting with Michael, Ryan and Jessie
+ Michael's Hole-in-One(s) at Jungle Rapids!!
+ Going from Transluent to Fair on my skin.
+ Cable TV
+ Fast Internet
+ Cellphone service, I've never seen so many bars on my screen before!

- The Beds, the room that had a bigger bed had glass doors. :( We made it work in the bunkbed room though, it just didn't look very nice! :)
- The Sand. It got everywhere and on everything.
-Big Bites, my legs are covered with little red splots.
- Finding out I'm allergic to pool chemicals. Thankfully it's not a life threatening allergy, I just break out in really itchy hives.
-Wilimington being so far away from Topsail (not to mention Radford being so far away from Topsail.)
- One Rainy day :(

I have pictures and whatnot to show you, but I don't have the uploaded on this computer. But I do have a facebook album and Nicki's blog has a few pictures (though everyone with Michael in it he's scowling. I swear he had a good time too!!)


miss jen says:
at: Jul 15, 2009, 5:18:00 PM said...

I'm happy you had a good time and even happier that you made it back to your home safely. You were never sensitive to pool chemicals as a kid... weird! Did you go into the ocean? Still too cold to swim comfortably in the ocean up here. I'm eagerly awaiting the recipes you promised me from your trip.
I look forward to viewing your pics. I'm not signing up on Facebook just to see them!

Nicki says:
at: Jul 17, 2009, 10:36:00 AM said...

We had a blast. I've posted my pictures when i went out to school the other day because they would all upload in 5 minutes versus the 5 hours here at home. I still need to write about our trip.