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I've been playing around with different mediums, and being that I've never gotten past the "messy rainbow" stage of watercolors I decided to give it a try again. (After teaching myself through google of course.) I must say, that watercolor is rapidly becoming my favorite.

Here's where I show off:

I had too much fun painting her hair, the swirly whirly motion is very relazing. But then after coloring in the water, I realized I kinda forgot about the rest of her body...whoops. let's just say she's floating perfectly straight and you can't see it!

I really like drawing ballerinas. They are just so graceful and pretty!
I actually got this idea from google too, you're supposed to be more abstract and splatter-y, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. The black here is actually ink from a calligraphy set.
Sketches from my parking lot. Freaking dude, lost dog and little girl sitting in the parking lot. Annoying people, but fun to draw!
This was a drawing from forEVER ago, I found it in my many folders whilst cleaning and thought it needed some spiffing up.
I liked how the sitting girl came out from the parking lot, so I attempted to draw a circle of kids. I REALLY like the little boy's hair in this, I surprised myself!


miss jen says:
at: Jun 20, 2009, 5:12:00 AM said...

WOW! Tracy, I'm speechless! I raised you for 18 years and you never showed this type of artistic talent! Will you be doing something with the artwork? You know, your parents 23rd anniversary is next month, could we have an original T. Fisher painting?

Nicki says:
at: Jun 20, 2009, 8:25:00 AM said...

Watercolors is a good medium for you. The pictures are really good. I agree with you, the boy's hair in the final piece is really good.