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Computer Blues

This is something I should have known about before I married Jake- he is the destroyer of all things electronic. I swear the boy has a EM pulse coming off him or something!

Here's the list of things he's destroyed since I've known him:
  • Several cellphones (granted, one might have been my fault*)
  • a Portable Playstation (Dropped repeatedly.)
  • an iPod (Fixed)
  • My Tablet PC (split in half. HALF.)
  • My Mac (saved to be fixed when I have money again. read:10 years)
  • One DVD player (Remote is lost and skip buttons are broken)
  • our rabbit ear antenna (Stepped on)

most recently our beloved laptop is standing on it's last legs. The speakers are iffy, they cut in and out when they feel like it and it no longer charges. (the jack where the charge cord connects is messed up and weird.) So all my planned blog posts will have to be condensed and spread out to when I can get to campus or a friend's house and hi-jack a computer. I still have my ipod touch which he's not allowed near so I can keep up with everyone's blogs!

*= I asked him to keep his cellphone on loud and on him at all times one time while I was in the hospital and then he dropped it in an ice water bucket at the Faz the same day.


The Mad Genius says:
at: Apr 22, 2009, 9:29:00 PM said...

The laptop/tablet is more Courtney's fault. I don't remember breaking a DVD player and I believe you left he rabbit ears on the floor buried underneath some clothes for me to step on. The current laptop is covered under warrenty and you use it more than I do so maybe you're to blame.

Mrs. MadGenius says:
at: Apr 22, 2009, 9:37:00 PM said...

I would NEVER treat my beloved laptop badly =P

and the first DVD player we had in the bedroom inexplicably stopped working when you touched it.

Just admit it, you break everything. =D

Mrs. MadGenius says:
at: Apr 22, 2009, 9:37:00 PM said...
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