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Open Letter to My Neighbors:

Hello all.
Now I know a lot of you have busy lives, so I put this in a list as to make it quicker.
1. Our Parking Lot. It's small and awkwardly shaped, I know this and you know this. We do NOT have room for every single person in your in you 10 person-family to have a car. We also have labeled parking spots, 410 is not 408. Stop parking in our spot with a different car every day!

2. Your Cars. Do you really need to rev your already too-loud engine at all times during the day when you peal out of our parking lot? Do you need to then rev the engine again when you return to pick up your friend? Is it really easier to honk 10 times than it is to go and knock on their door? During the day it isn't too bad, but early in the morning and late at night? Use some common sense!

3. The Dumpster. It's huge, HOW do you miss it?? I understand babies use an extraordinary amount of diapers, but it's a 4 inch diaper going into a 7 foot hole, HOW DID YOU MISS?!?! Besides that, why didn't you pick it up and try again?! I do not like going to take out the trash and have to step over the carpet of dirty diapers.

4. Pets. I love animals, really I do. I cannot wait until Jake and I can afford to move somewhere that allows animals. This complex does not allow animals, so why do you have a hyper loud dog in your apartment?

5. Smoking. again, your personal choice if you wanna kill yourself slowly, but when you smoke so much that it comes into our apartment I'm going to get mad. Our apartment already had a lovely yellow tinge on our white walls because of previous smokers. I really don't want any second-hand smoke related disease. thanks.

6. Parties. (I'm going to overlook the fact that Jake and I are the only tenants in our complex without kids, and we're the youngest.) I didn't know tuesday night was prime party time, but please Keep It Down! How bout this, don't party/dance/play in our small parking lot at 1am? Drink and make merry in your own apartments.

As much as I hate moving, I'm going to be glad when we're outta here!


Jaime says:
at: Mar 27, 2009, 8:02:00 AM said...

you should totally call the landlord about the dog...the rest, I fear you are stuck with--so sorry. Luckily, it is warming up and at least you will be able to get out a little more. Maybe they will too...

Nicki says:
at: Mar 27, 2009, 8:31:00 AM said...

I love your humorous outlook on a not so humorous life! Love ya!

Coiner Family says:
at: Mar 27, 2009, 8:24:00 PM said...

In the ghetto.....
I guess you would be "east side" and we're "west side" ghetto. I think our neighbors are related to yours, or at least belong to the same annoying neighbors association.