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Oh Memories.

So, I've been cleaning up the house very slowly and to make it more entertaining I decided to rock out to some tunes. I went through my regulars, broadway soundtracks, Disney songs, and angry teen rock compilations. I then was digging through my clutter and I found a Cd labeled "Tracy's CDs: Mormon Mix" and I thought it was just my single's ward soundtrack. Much to my surprise it's a CD full of John Bytheway mock-songs (Rock popcorn popping, Some how I was called on a misson etc.etc.) and the very first song I ever downloaded! It was at my friend Jessie's house, we used Napster (We were 12/13 and weren't too concerned about what was "legal") and it was "The Mormon Rap". It is the lamest but coolest songs EVER. Any song that has home teaches, dairy queen, mormon punch, roadshows and a bishop interview in it, has to just be amazing!

I was instantly transported back in time to my old blue bedroom, rocking out while I was supposed to be doing homework. I could remember the silly clothes I wore, my attempts at cool makeup (blue eyeshadow should be banned.)I could remember who I had a mega-omg-forever crush on, making excited plans with my friends in young women about the upcoming dance and all those things that the pain of puberty often covers up in my memory.

Now, I must go scrub a toilet.

I found their website: It has a download link for you and the awesome awesome lyrics!!


Nicki says:
at: Dec 23, 2008, 1:56:00 PM said...

Since your cleaning does that mean your having people over? JK

I love all the Bytheway songs and remember seeing friends rocking out to them back in the 90's. What bliss!

Mrs. MadGenius says:
at: Dec 23, 2008, 2:17:00 PM said...

haha. I was thinking to have people over for christmas eve to play board games but with that attitude, fo'get it. :)