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Midnight Troubles

(The girls winning silver after a disappointing beam and floor round.)

Last night Jake and I stayed up late to watch (his Favorite) Michael Phelps and (my favorite) Shawn Johnson. Needless to say, Jake went to bed happy- I did not.

Shawn did do amazingly well, but Alicia had a bad mount on to the beam (it would have been KILLER if she had stuck it.) After that spill, the team struggled to keep it's confidence, which is very necessary for balance! Nastia wobbled a lot more than normal, even Shawn was shaken. Not to mention that except for beam- the Chinese team was practically perfect! (I do have a rant about their "ages" and the seemingly slanted judging, but I'll be civil here.)

Michael's team relay totally SMASHED the world record- even the host said that going under 7:00 would be impossible- but our guys did it! It wasn't as good as the race versus France a few days ago- where it was neck-n-neck the whole time, but it was fun to see just how fast they could go. I may have to send Phelps some new goggles though.

This is my first Olympics that I've really been into. I was interested in the SLC one just because it was SLC- but I didn't go out of my way to watch so many games. (Except ice-skating, love it!) I don't mind stay up so late to watch these amazing athletes compete. I'm even looking forward to the WALKING race at the end of the games. I had no idea such a thing existed!!

Here's a hearty GO USA!! for the teams, I'll be happy if we just get more medals than China. =D