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Facebook Gadget!

So a lot of my -ahem- "older" friends have been joining facebook recently! So, because of this- I wanted to share my all time favorite application from that site- Graffiti!
It started off as a simple ms paint like tool to let you make pictures on your friend's profile pages. Now they have drawing contests and sponsors and mega-huge artists creating wonderful works of art from very simple tools. Anyone who has ever tried to draw a straight line with a computer mouse knows how hard that can be!

Here are some of the things they've made (not by me!):

everyday new ones are added! I also loooove that they have a replay option on the pictures where you can watch them draw it!
Here are mine:

It's fun to just pass the time with, or really put in an effort and create something amazing. I find it very very relaxing.

If you check it out- post some of your drawings in the comments- I want to see how you do!