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Wii Party

When boys get new toys, you know they have to get together to show off. :)
B-I-L Superman got a Wii for his birthday, and for our regular sunday dinner, we went to their place to play games! It is a loooot of fun, I like that there is actually action, not just button mashing. Of course, it requires more hand-eye coordination so I stink even more than normal.

Wii is great because even if you're not playing, you have a fun show to watch. haha!
Little Niece wanted those controllers so bad. There's me, making my video game concentration face.least MY face is better than Jake's! :)

I have about 10 videos of silly things the men would do to win the game :) This one is my favorite cause Daniel is dancing to the game music!


Gram & Gramps says:
at: Jun 29, 2008, 1:53:00 PM said...

Sure looks like I know why we never get any return calls your having so much fun, lucky you.
Love Ya

Jaime says:
at: Jul 1, 2008, 8:53:00 PM said...

oh that video will be great blackmail material at some point...

at: Jul 7, 2008, 9:29:00 AM said...

The Wii is so much fun. I want one.