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Sunday Scribblings

Children are fearless. Yes, a few may have some phobias of monsters under their bed or ghosts or spiders, but in general, they are fearless.

Adults worry about every little thing. They worry about school, the weather, international affairs, the food they eat, the stock market, the election, their clothes, their family, their friends, celebrities, taxes, and a plethora of other mindless things that keep us from learning and progressing.

Today I watched my young niece learn how to climb up her grandmother's entertainment center. She had no fear that she may fall or smash her fingers in the cabinet doors, she just wanted to learn and experience the world from a new perspective.

I've seen my nephew go up to complete strangers, and while I have my defenses on high alert, he is friendly, welcoming and kind to them. He is loved by everyone that meets him because he doesn't automatically assume every joe and jill walking by is an evil kidnapper.

I know fear has it's place. It keeps us safe in many situations, it let's us way the pro and cons of our choices, but I just wonder how many opportunities I've let slip by because I was too afraid to try. It's easier to give into fear than to step out and give something a chance, to let something change in our life. I hope I'll be more aware of when I'm afraid and not let it take over my life.


gautami tripathy says:
at: Apr 13, 2008, 9:18:00 PM said...

You said it for us. Kids can never know fear.

shapely ghosts

Granny Smith says:
at: Apr 13, 2008, 9:35:00 PM said...

It's funny, but I've never equated worries with fears. I'm a chronic worrier, but hadn't thought of myself as being particularly fearful. Maybe I've been kidding myself.

WonderGirl says:
at: Apr 13, 2008, 10:16:00 PM said...

It's good to worry about things in your control, but once you start worrying about things outside that, I believe it becomes a fear of the world.

Grammie says:
at: Apr 13, 2008, 11:07:00 PM said...

Lots of things to think about. Fear..or worry...carefree...learning fun. This is to much for me today. Life is to short. Am I going to get to do all the things I want to do??? See all my grandchildren? Oh my what about great grand children??? Is this worry or fear or just wondering? Oh well good night...lots to think about.

Lucy says:
at: Apr 14, 2008, 7:14:00 PM said...

wow, this is so true..
sometimes fearlessness can lead to accidents, but overall it is better than letting fear over rule our lives. Nice post. :)