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I have always been a night person. And for a child who had to deal with early-morning seminary, that's not always the best trait to have. I just can't get out of bed and be my perky self at 7/8 in the morning. It's not in my DNA! I have no idea how Mae can do it. She must be the freak in the family.

I wake up at night. I'm much more active, talkative and exciting! If you're ever lucky enough to meet me in the morning, you're extremely lucky to get a grumbled greeting out of me. There is just so much more to DO at night. One of my favorite activities are my midnight strolls. I started them when I slept over my friend Jessie's house when we were younger. We'd walk around her neighborhood for hours, just talking and looking at the stars. There's just something about being outside when everyone else is asleep. It's thrilling.

I'm lucky I married a fellow night person, I can't imagine trying to combine those to schedules. The only pleasant time would be lunch! Jake and I both love astronomy and space. We've spent few date nights just talking about constellations and possible trips to the moon in the year 3000.

Just take time to look at the night sky, 'specially if you're a "morning person". It's absolutely stunning.